Handprint vs. Footprint

One of the ways Ecoverse stays true to its values, it through Handprint. As mentioned in our blog post about What Is Sustainability, you saw that a Footprint is the sum of all our negative impact on the planet. A Handprint is the exact opposite. In other words, it’s the sum of all our positive impact on the planet.


But increasing your Handprint is about more than just reducing your impact. Instead, a regenerative business model works to leave the world a better place than when we started. For instance, the innovative green technology at Handprint lets businesses help remove carbon from the air, rather than simply reducing their emissions. These actions also offer social benefits, such as providing a livelihood for local villagers that are involved in regenerative projects.


Handprint Tech also lets companies contribute to social causes, such as funding education and clean water and makes it easy for businesses to become more sustainable. Unlike other plugins and green technology, Handprint's software lets businesses connect directly with causes rather than putting pressure on customers to donate.


This helps show that we’re a regenerative business who truly believes in building a better world. 

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