Self-Care Gift Ideas To Pamper Yourself & Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Gift-giving season is here! With holiday shopping in full swing, you might be wondering what to get for your family and friends. If you're looking for some meaningful presents, why not treat your loved ones to a self-care gift? And while you're at it, grab one for yourself too!


From skin care products to spa sets, here are some of our favorite gifts to pamper yourself and your loved ones this holiday season:


  1. Organic Body Care Gift Set


​​Treat your friends & family with an organic body care gift set from Terre Verdi! The Body Oil Box is a present packed full of natural moisturizers that will hydrate and revitalize all skin types. Best of all, these products can also be used on your hair and nails, so they make for an ideal minimalist routine.


  1. Natural Skin Care Set


Do you know someone obsessed with all things beauty and skincare? Then our Handmade Vegan Skincare Gift Set is the perfect present for them! This handmade Skincare Hamper is jam-packed with nourishing, soothing products that will cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin. Free of chemicals, this set is suitable for any skin type and contains only the best ingredients.


  1. Natural Spa Set


Instead of treating your loved ones to a spa day, why not bring the spa to them? Give your pals the gift of relaxation with our Breathe At Home Natural Spa Set. This three-piece set contains everything you need to unwind, including a Coconut Wax candle, Eucalyptus Bath Soak, and Soap on a Rope. It’s a must-have for anyone who enjoys being pampered.


  1. Organic Workout Gift Set: 


Looking for the ideal gift for your athletic friend? Then look no further! Terre Verdi's Athletic Box is the perfect present for runners, yoga lovers, and workout addicts! This organic skincare gift set contains two multitasking treatments that aid in and elevate any workout routine. It includes a full-size body oil and floral water that will soothe your muscles after a workout and refresh your skin–leaving your skin & muscles always looking and feeling their best.


  1. Aromatherapy Essential Oil set


Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a friend or just something small to treat yourself, an essential oil-themed gift might be just what you need! Our Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set is an amazing present for the home & mind. This set includes 12 bottles of essential oils in various floral, minty, woody, spicy, and herbal scents. Aside from their aromatherapy properties, our essential oils can be used to help you relax and unwind, freshen your space, or add some much-needed hydration to your skin!


  1. Mini Shampoo Bars Gift Set 


Last but not least, for a thoughtful and budget-friendly present, check out our Floral Mini Shampoo Sampler! This set includes four mini shampoo bars in two of our most popular scents: Rose Lavender Grapefruit and Lavender Lime. They are vegan, palm-free, & sulfate free, suitable for any hair type. 


We hope this post provides you with some inspiration on unique & thoughtful self-care gifts to give yourself or your loved ones! If you're still in need of more inspo, check out our full range of gifts here.

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