What is sustainability?

This isn’t something we can cover in one page. While people have a general understanding of what sustainability is, it really means different things for different people. So we’ll say what’s close to our hearts at Ecoverse when we talk about sustainability. 

Sustainability is a concept that recognizes the need to meet our own needs and the need for resources in order to provide for the future generations. It is not just about saving the environment, it also involves addressing social and economic development.


If we look at a business, what does sustainability mean then? Firstly, we want to do business without negatively impacting the environment. Which is why we choose local suppliers and sustainable packaging. We need to take responsibility for our impact on the effects we have on society and the environment. 


This is why we've partnered with HandprintYou already know what a Footprint is: the sum of all our negative impact on the planet. A Handprint is the exact opposite. In other words, it’s the sum of all our positive impact on the planet.

More on this later...

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