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Ayurvedic Bath Sheet - Hazel Brown

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Bathing is a very sacred act in Indian tradition. It sets your mood for the day.

This GIBIE bath sheet embodies a 5000-years-old environment and skin-friendly ancient ayurvedic dyeing on a supremely soft fabric.

But, we went above and beyond to make GIBIE the #BestTowelEver:

  • This bath sheet never loses softness like other bath sheets (even after 50 washes)
  • It retains high absorbancy & quick-drying properties for the longest period
  • Unlike normal towels, GIBIE towels are resistant to odour & bacterial growth
The colour hazel brown is derived from two herbs, madder and wood flower along with earth iron and sea salt. Madder has been recognized in the ancient medical literature for the cure of skin diseases and is also known for dissolving kidney stones.


  • 1 Bath Sheet (90 cm x 180 cm)
  • 500 - 550 GSM
  • Made with bamboo fibre